Beware, Eating Devices Are Vulnerable to Exposure to Bacteria and Viruses

Jakarta, – Virus pandemic corona or Covid-19 which occurred in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia, has changed the view of the community in seeing aspects of cleanliness as an effort to fortify themselves from the threat of a highly contagious virus.

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This condition has given rise to new health cultures that have not only become a habit, but have been transformed into a security protocol to curb the spread of the virus corona.

Product Marketing Manager of PT Modena Indonesia, Hendrik Senjaya said, one of the special concerns was how to maintain tableware, as a vital device used daily, in a hygienic condition. Because, eating utensils are very vulnerable to exposure to bacteria and viruses if not cleaned in the right way.

“The rest of the food that is still attached or even dishwashing foam, can be a potential exposure to viruses and bacteria on the plates, cups and spoons that we use,” said Hendrik Senjaya, in his statement, Saturday (6/27/2020).

According to Hendrik, this encourages his party to innovate to create new health culture supporting products, commonly referred to new normal. This innovation was realized by Modena with a series of automatic tableware washer products that were equipped with various high-quality cleaning features.

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“Not only offering convenience and safety, these three brand-new products also ensure that eating utensils are more hygienic and are free of bacteria and viruses,” Hendrik explained.

Furthermore, Hendrik explained, the ability of these three products to ensure hygienic laundry results is thanks to the use of water with a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius which is effective for killing viruses and bacteria.

Not only that, with the use of measured water and low electricity consumption for each washing process makes the ranks dishwasher This sophisticated is also claimed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

According to Hendrik, Modena as brand who faithfully promotes a healthy lifestyle as a reference in innovating each product, are increasingly motivated to create new breakthroughs in this pandemic.

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“The launch of three dishwasher recently reinforced our commitment to continue to control the community’s efforts to protect itself from the Covid-19 exposure, “said Hendrik Senjaya.


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