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Beware of foods that ‘break’ your heart | THE UNIVERSAL

by archyde

In the collective imagination, the metaphor of the broken heart is associated with disappointments in love, but the reality is that the vital muscle is much more affected by food from an inadequate diet.

So important is nutrition for heart health that organizations specializing in cardiovascular issues are constantly conducting studies on the foods that most favor the control of patients with heart disease and, of course, also help prevent them.

For example, several medical analyzes confirm that the Mediterranean diet, which is based on large portions of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, in addition to reducing the consumption of beef and chicken, has a significant impact on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases .

a cardiac diet

One of the most recent publications on nutrition and cardiovascular health is the scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA), which details key aspects of a diet to protect heart health.

As you might expect, the AHA recommends maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, eating fruits, vegetables, and grains. Also, leave aside sugar, salt, packaged foods and alcoholic beverages, but it also draws attention to certain points that are little considered in the general recommendations of a healthy diet, among them:

– Use non-tropical liquid vegetable oils, such as olive or sunflower oils, as they control bad cholesterol and do not cause clogging of arteries.

– Avoid cured or smoked meats as they usually have many chemical preservatives and are high in salt, cholesterol and sugar.

– Do not consume plant-based foods with added fats, sugar or salt, such as packaged nut creams that have these ingredients for their preservation.

– Artificial colors and flavors are also ingredients of care, which you must take into account when reviewing the labeling.

– Substituting meat for plant protein will not only improve your heart health but also help the environment.

– Include children in heart-healthy diets. This will not only benefit cardiovascular health but will help you have better habits as an adult.

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