beware of non-compliant products

Indispensable in the health crisis linked to Covid-19, like the mask, hydroalcoholic gels are now part of everyone’s routine. However, not all are effective: 118 products have been pinned for their non-compliance or dangerousness by the Directorate General for Competition and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), which guarantees consumer protection.

Sometimes insufficient alcohol content

In a press release published on Wednesday 18 November, the authority announced that it had analyzed several samples of hydroalcoholic solutions, chosen because of « inconsistencies linked to their packaging, labeling or presentation ‘.

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Out of 162 products analyzed, 38% were found to be non-compliant due to incomplete or incorrect labeling. 35% are both non-compliant and dangerous, some for their insufficient alcohol content, others due to labeling “Minimizing the dangers” presented by these products, in particular on their flammability.

How to ensure the compliance of a gel?

To be considered compliant, a hydroalcoholic gel must contain at least 60% alcohol or meet the “EN 14476” standard, recommends the DGCCRF. Otherwise, it is ineffective in terms of disinfection.

The government authority also advises to check that the name of the alcohol or the words “EN 14476” are specified on the product label when purchasing. This standard certifies that the gel is capable of killing the virus.

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In addition, as the DGCCRF points out, alcohol is an easily flammable product. It is therefore recommended to handle the gels with care and to follow “Scrupulously the advice of use indicated” on the label.

The regulatory authority will now proceed with the withdrawal or even recall of these products identified as non-compliant, and the European-wide reporting of those that have been distributed in the EU, said the press release.


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