world Beware: traffic jams towards the winter sports areas |...

Beware: traffic jams towards the winter sports areas | Interior



From today, many regions in Germany and France also have spring holidays. The ANWB therefore expects that it will be busy in Germany from Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning it will be connected in traffic jams on the A5 between Karlsruhe and Basel, the A7 between Ulm and Füssen, the A8 between Stuttgart, Munich and Salzburg and the A93 between Rosenheim and Kufstein.

In Austria a lot of delay is expected on the Fernpassstrasse this weekend and traffic is fixed in many places on the A10 between Salzburg and Villach, the A12 from Kufstein via Innsbruck to Landeck and on the S16, the Arlbergstrasse. Those coming through Switzerland must take into account the bottlenecks on the A1 between Zurich and Bern and the A2 between Basel and Chiasso at the Sint Gotthard tunnel. And finally in France it is very busy on Saturday on the A40 from Mâcon to Chamonix, the A43 between Lyon and Chambéry and the N90 between Albertville and Bourg St. Maurice.

But what if you unexpectedly get stuck on the way? Five tips for surviving the traffic jams.

Plan your next vacation in advance

If you just stand still, it’s better to do something useful. And to be honest: in the end there is little more fun than already dreaming about the next vacation. So this is the ideal time to think about where you want to go, when you want to go and how many days off you are going to spend. And once you are busy, you might as well call your colleague or boss to arrange a replacement for the case or to make a request for leave.

A clean car makes the long journey a lot more enjoyable.

A clean car makes the long journey a lot more enjoyable.

Clean up the mess in the car

The interior can undoubtedly use a makeover. Before you know it, candy wrappers, receipts and empty bottles of water accumulate. Normally you probably don’t want to clean this up. But in the traffic jam you have nothing better to do!

Open your window and be social

Shared sorrow is half sorrow. So it is best – if the weather is nice – to open a window to get into conversation with fellow traffic jam drivers. After all, you never know what can happen on the highway along the way. Not for nothing are there more and more sites where you can place a call to get in touch with your file flirts.

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Call acquaintances

Due to the hectic pace of your work, you often don’t get around to calling or speaking to anyone. Now that you are certain, that moment to call (hands-free!) Is there. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday or you still have several missed calls open. And by talking to family members about anything and everything, time flies by itself.

Set up music and podcasts or play a game

With your favorite music and podcasts it is much better to endure on the road. Especially with children it can also be fun to turn the file into a game. “Be the first to spot a red car” or “Count the number of Volkswagens”.

Smiling faces in the back seat, a mood that can quickly turn into a traffic jam.

Smiling faces in the back seat, a mood that can quickly turn into a traffic jam.

Bonus tip: Search for a parking space

Granted: it is easier said than done once you are certain. But in the end, traffic jams are tiring for everyone and a breather cannot hurt. If you sit on each other’s lips for a long time, the chance of irritation increases. To prevent the vacation from ending in a fight, it is not a bad idea to get a breath of fresh air in the parking lot, refuel (traffic jams cost extra gas) and get food and drinks. With a little luck, the remainder of the file will resolve in the meantime.

The ANWB also has several tips for driving in winter conditions. Apart from the known requirements of snow chains and winter tires, it is of course advisable not to drive too fast and to make some extra stops. During those stops you must pay attention that the parking brake does not freeze. That’s why it’s best to put the car in gear on flat road surfaces and not use the handbrake.

Take the final yolk with you when you leave the car and make sure you have an ice scraper with you. Certainly if there is snow, it is advisable to take the main roads, even if it is over. After all, these roads remain best accessible in snowfall.


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