Beyoncé: his alleged infidelity puts the web in turmoil

As we know, the Jay-Z-Beyoncé couple almost never recovered from the rapper’s infidelity. After
4:44, an album with airs of confidences and redemption, the famous duo had finished to mend. But a series of tweets now put the singer on the bench of culprits: she would have slept with DJ Diplo in 2010.

A girl contacted me and would like to remain anonymous. Attached is his conversation with Diplo from 10 years ago! Diplo… have you really slept with Beyoncé? Does she know?“, we read in words translated by Vanity Fair. At the time, the DJ was responding to private messages from a young woman who told him that she had contracted an STI after sex. Caught off guard, the producer replied that he had also slept with Beyoncé at the same time. Enough to add depth to the crazy rumor on social networks.

If a link between the two artists is at this stage only pure speculation, the user affirms that the published exchanges are real. As a reminder, Beyoncé and Diplo collaborated well in 2010 for the title “End of Time” of the star before being on the album. Lemonade in 2016.

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