Bezus broke up with Repina and canceled the offer

Just an amazing coincidence, at first Kristina Bukhynbalte went to the post office in the middle of the night and accidentally stumbled upon Alexei Bezus there. Then Alexey in the company of a friend came to Polyana where he got to the meeting of the amateur circle. Execution is now held in the renovated house of the CSL, so that the pregnant Olga Orlova, and other presenters, do not freeze, dealing with the problems of the participants in the television set. The trip to Dom 2 ruined Lesha’s personal happiness and now he is a free man.

Gorina rejoices: Bezus broke up with Repina and canceled the offer. According to Alexei, she and Tanya will not get marriedshe will take care of her personal life, he will live his own, they will live separately, but Lyosha does not refuse to participate in the life of his daughter Athena.

According to the employees of the television set, Katya at first took the appearance of her former lover normally, and then fled from Lobnoy. Rumors instantly appeared on the network that Bezus would return to the project alone, with his cat Alpika, and later Repina would join him.

As we said in the sloka, a few days ago Bezusy gathered with the whole staff in Sochi, but their plans changed drastically overnight. What is it for? Since some of the rules of the reality show were canceled and free rooms appeared, will another pair of former members of House 2 come to the project or does Gorina have a chance to return Alexei?

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