Biden orders air strikes on Syria, 17 people killed

WASHINGTON DC, – As many as 17 people were killed in the air strikes on Syria ordered by President Joe Biden.

It is the 78-year-old president’s first military action since he was sworn in on January 20.

The US Department of Defense explained that the military operation was targeting pro- Iran on the border of Syria and Iraq.

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“On President Biden’s orders, US troops launched air strikes on infrastructure used by pro-Iran militias,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

He said the deployment of air power was in response to the rocket attack that hit Iraq on February 15.

The rocket hit, which targeted Kurdistan, killed a foreign contractor, and injured several people, including US soldiers.

Kirby did not explain the number of victims in the operation. The data was presented by the Observation for Syrian Human Rights.

Reported AFP Friday (26/2/2021), the UK-based organization said 17 people were killed in the incident in Bukamal.

The “Land of Uncle Sam’s” fighter jets targeted three trucks loaded with ammunition. Those who died were said to have come from the Hashed al-Shaabi network.

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Kirby describes the location of the attack worn by Kataeb Hezbollah and Kataeb Sayyid al-Shuhada, who are based on Hashed.


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