Biden receives vaccine against covid-19 before the American television | International

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, 78, received the first dose of a vaccine against covid-19 on Monday in front of television cameras.

The injection of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, the first of the two immunizers already authorized in the United States, It was applied to him in a hospital in Newark, in his state of Delaware.

Biden assured Americans that “there is nothing to worry about” when getting vaccinated, and that in the meantime, they should continue to wear masks and “listen to the experts.”

Future first lady Jill Biden also received the first dose of the vaccine on Monday, and future vice president Kamala Harris will follow suit next week, according to the government transition team.

When he takes office on January 20, Biden will become the oldest president in American history. By then, he should have received the second dose of the vaccine, necessary to gain immunity.

Biden praised “the scientists and front-line workers, the people who really did the clinical work” in getting the vaccination campaign done.

The Democrat also delivered rare praise for the administration of incumbent President Donald Trump, Republican, considering that he “deserves some credit” for overseeing vaccine development and production at record speed.

Biden, who demonstrated strict adherence to health standards during his campaign and since his election in November, has vowed to make fighting the pandemic his top priority, with an unprecedented vaccination campaign, but also a vigorous advocacy for the use of More expensive.

The outgoing vice president, Mike Pence, was vaccinated on Friday, also in public, along with several senior officials of the US Congress.

However, Trump has yet to announce a date for his vaccination.

The president was infected with covid-19 in early October, and had to be hospitalized for three days. Since then, he has repeatedly said that he considers himself “immune”, although he has assured that he will be vaccinated when the time comes.

The mogul has faced criticism for downplaying the pandemic and for being silent in recent weeks about the record-breaking number of coronavirus deaths in the United States.

The country is the most mourning in the world due to covid-19, with more than 318,000 deaths and 17.86 million infections.


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