Biden Remains Winner in Georgia by Completing Manual Recount of 5 Million Votes | Univision News Elections in the US 2020

Georgia officials finished manual counting of votes cast in the presidential election and the result shows President-elect Joe Biden keeping your advantage about President Donald Trump, reported his secretary of state.

The manual counting of five million votes It started last Friday and was ordered because Biden’s lead over Trump was about 0.3 percentage point, or 14,156 votes.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who ordered the recount to reassure voters that the election was fair, has until Friday to certify the election results.

“Georgia’s first historic (recount) reaffirmed that the new, secure ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results,” Raffensperger said.

Although ballots were found in four counties during the recount that increased the total in favor of Trump, Biden maintained his advantage and ended up beating the president by 12,284 votes, according to figures from the Secretary of State’s office.

Biden obtained 2,475,141 votes, while Trump added 2,462,857, according to the final results of the recount.

Because Biden’s lead is less than 0.5 percentage point, Trump may ask for another recount after the results are certified. The president has until November 24 to do so.

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