Biden said the U.S. will release 20 million doses of Wuhan pneumonia vaccine to Xiao Meiqin in other countries: Entering into negotiations and striving for it | Politics | 新头壳 Newtalk

Xiao Meiqin, the representative in the United States. Picture: Provided by the U.S. Representative Office (data photo)

US President Joe Biden said on the 17th that 20 million doses of Wuhan pneumonia vaccine will be released overseas by the end of June to assist countries in the fight against the epidemic. This batch of vaccines are vaccines that have been licensed for use in the United States, including vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. This is the first vaccine supply in the United States that will be officially certified for use. overseas. In response to this, Xiao Meiqin, the representative to the United States, said that he is currently “in negotiations and striving for it.”

The White House announced in April that it would share about 60 million doses of vaccines produced by AstraZeneca with other countries. However, the AstraZeneca vaccine has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Regarding the US’s upcoming release of vaccines, Xiao Meiqin, in reply to the media inquiries about whether to express the demand for vaccines to the US government, revealed that she has expressed her willingness to fight for this wave of vaccine releases to the United States, and she emphasized that she is “in negotiations.”

Xiao Meiqin pointed out that the Ministry of Health and Welfare is responsible for domestic vaccine procurement. In Taiwan, the number of confirmed cases has increased significantly in recent days, and the demand for vaccines has also increased. The Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Xue Ruiyuan recently stated in the Legislative Yuan that the 5.05 million doses of Modena vaccine that Taiwan has purchased may be delivered in May soon, but he is relatively uncertain and hopes to arrive at least before June.

Xiao Meiqin mentioned on the 14th that there are currently two batches of vaccines that Taiwan has purchased from the United States. A small amount of AstraZeneca has already arrived in Taiwan. The vaccine produced by Modena is expected to be delivered in June. After the epidemic in Taiwan has warmed up, it has begun to actively contact with US pharmaceutical companies. The current goal is to strive for the delivery of the Modena vaccine originally scheduled to arrive in Taiwan in June.


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