Biden stumbles and falls 3 times repeatedly. Staircase, Red Carpet, Air Force One

Biden tripped. – On March 19 Daily Mail Reported that President Joe Biden, the 78-year-old leader of the United States. Stumble and fall on the stairs of the Air Force One plane three times in a row. Causing people to worry about the health of the most senior leaders in US history

The incident occurred just before noon on Friday, March 19, US time, when Mr Biden walked up the red carpet stairs leading to the entrance to the US presidential plane. To travel to Atlanta, Georgia to promote the hedging budget from the COVID situation. And encouraging the Asian-American community, frightened by white gunmen shooting off Asian victims at three massage parlors near Atlanta.

Catch the first frog

Biden walked up the stairs and reached the middle of the road. But stepped over a step until he stumbled and fell When trying to get up and walk on Tripped the next step two more times Until the third time kneeling on the steps But in the end, he got up and walked until he reached the top level in front of the machine entrance

Later, when the plane landed in Atlanta. Biden sat on Air Force One for a while. Until the arrival of Vice President Kamala Harris’s Air Force Two, Mrs. Harris boarded Air Force One to talk to Biden.

กมลา แฮร์ริส มาคอยดูแล / U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk to board Marine One to travel to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, after they arrived at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia, U.S., March 19, 2021. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Then Mrs. Harris followed Mr Biden down. This time, Biden gradually Take a slow step down the stairs. Carin Jean-Pierre, Assistant Secretary of the Media Inform the reporter that Mr. Biden is fine. Is nothing And will perform missions according to the schedule

Biden tripped.

To the point of going down on one’s knees

The fall of the stairs was not a big bang in America. And did not have any further expansion reports Making those Republican members This includes Donald Trump, a former leader who has been a drunkard with the media, criticizing that. This is another example that reflects The mainstream media treated Mr Biden softly. Wrong with when Mr. Trump was in office.

Biden tripped.

Another shot sees Biden knocking down U.S. President Joe Biden grabs onto the railing after he stumbled while boarding Air Force One as he departs Washington on travel to Atlanta, Georgia.REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The fall of Mr. Biden It was linked to the blessing of Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he wishes Mr Bidai good health. Although the two countries will open a dispute against each other Especially when Biden called Putin the murderer.

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In history, one of the most senior US presidents is Ronald Reagan, 77 at the time of his retirement, and 74-year-old Trump.


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