Biden submits a $6 trillion fiscal year budget to Congress for 2022, the United States faces extremely high inflation risks-Finance News

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[#美国 Face Extremely High Inflation Risk#]US President Biden’s 2022 budget with a total value of 6 trillion US dollars will bring the US federal fiscal expenditure to the highest level since World War II, and at the same time, the fiscal deficit in the next ten years. Will exceed 1.3 trillion US dollars. Biden’s budget is 25% more than the last budget in the presidency of former President Trump. Many economists warn that this move will raise prices across the United States. Summers, a former Treasury Secretary of the Clinton Administration, Director of the National Economic Council of the Obama Administration, and President of Harvard University, warned Biden this week to control spending because the United States faces a very high risk of inflation. #Biden submits 6 trillion U.S. dollars in fiscal year 2022 budget to Congress#

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