Biden wants to announce first cabinet position on Tuesday – Trump requests recount in Georgia

Several Democratic US MPs have written a letter calling for the head of the GSA to issue a statement, which has so far refused to hand over official business to the elected US President Joe Biden. “Your action, which leads to a blockade of the legally required transition, has serious consequences,” wrote the deputies in the US House of Representatives on Thursday (local time) to the head of the agency, Emily Murphy, appointed by President Donald Trump. They requested to speak to Murphy by Monday. They did not rule out a summons to a public hearing.

In the US, preparations for the change of power on January 20, 2020 usually begin immediately after the election of a new president. The GSA has still not given Biden’s transition team the green light to work with government agencies. Actually, Biden and his team would get access to ministries, authorities and confidential government information before they took office.

The law on the handover of official business gives the GSA an important role. After the election, Murphy must determine who the “obviously successful candidates” are for president and vice-president. The transfer of office can only be formally initiated with your letter, which is normally regarded as a formality. Murphy does not yet recognize Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris as election winners.

With their actions, they undermine an orderly transfer of power and impair the ability of the new government to respond to the corona pandemic and cope with the severe economic consequences, the letter said. “We have been extremely patient, but we cannot wait any longer.” It was Murphy’s responsibility to initiate the transition.


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