Biden wants to change Trump’s decisions

Dhe future American President Joe Biden wants to implement important political projects by decree on the day he takes office. Biden will issue around a dozen of these executive orders right from the start, announced his future chief of staff Ron Klain on Saturday. With this, Biden would also reverse a number of decisions made by his predecessor Donald Trump.

These included the re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement and the lifting of an entry ban for several Muslim-majority countries. The deadline for repaying student loans should also be extended, as well as the stop of evictions and foreclosure sales of apartments. In addition, in view of the corona pandemic, a mask requirement is to be waived when traveling between the states.

Most of the measures do not require the approval of Congress. Trump, too, had enforced his policy with numerous “executive orders”.

The naturalization of illegal immigrants is controversial

Biden also wants to present a long-awaited proposal on immigration. This is supposed to open the way to citizenship for millions of immigrants without valid papers. Here Biden has to find a majority in Congress. This is barely controlled by Biden’s Democrats, but observers believe that the plan will be difficult to implement.

Klain said Biden was not just trying to fix the “most serious damage” caused by the Trump administration. As the new president, he also wants to bring the country forward and will implement further election promises in the first few days of office. These include expanding the Covid-19 tests and instructing government agencies to give preference to purchasing goods of American origin.


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