Biden wants to launch a $ 1.9 trillion corona aid package

Dhe future American President Joe Biden wants to launch a new corona aid package worth 1.9 trillion dollars (just under 1.6 trillion euros). Among other things, direct payments decided in December are to be increased from $ 600 to millions of American citizens to $ 2,000, as employees of the Biden team said on Thursday. There are also plans for $ 20 billion for a “national vaccination program” and $ 350 billion in aid for cities and states.

The American Congress had one in December Aid package launched in the amount of around $ 900 billion (around 740 billion euros), which also included $ 600 payments to American citizens. However, in view of the severity of the economic crisis as a result of the corona pandemic, experts criticized the measures as inadequate.

Biden’s “American rescue plan” includes new checks for millions of citizens worth $ 1,400. This will increase the direct payments to a total of $ 2,000. Biden wanted to present his plans in detail on Thursday evening (local time) in his hometown of Wilmington.

The 78-year-old Democrat, who will take office next Wednesday, has the fight against the Corona-Pandemie declared his most urgent task. For the new aid package, Biden needs the approval of Congress. His Democrats control the House of Representatives and from next week also the Senate, but the majority in the House of Lords is extremely tight.


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