Biden wants to reconnect with his priorities, overshadowed by Trump chaos

The President-elect of the United States Joe Biden tries Thursday, the day after the indictment of Donald Trump, to regain control by detailing the priorities of the first hundred days of his mandate, which risk being eclipsed by the lawsuit against his predecessor.

D-6: the Democrat will be invested on January 20, in a city of Washington transformed into an entrenched camp since the murderous assault on Capitol Hill given last week by supporters of the outgoing Republican president.

It is now urgent for Joe Biden to resume his program, after a week that has shaken the world’s leading power.

In the evening, he must present, from his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware, a series of “legislative projects to finance vaccinations and provide immediate and direct assistance to families”, in the face of the pandemic and the economic crisis, according to his transition team.

He should take the opportunity to launch “an appeal” to his Democratic camp and to his Republican opponents in order to “adopt his proposals quickly in Congress”.

– Promise of “reconciliation” –

As early as Wednesday evening, at the end of the vote that earned Donald Trump the inglorious title of first American president targeted by a second “impeachment”, Joe Biden had asked the Senate to reconcile “the impeachment trial” and the advancement of ” urgent affairs of the nation “.

“This nation remains under threat of a deadly virus and a faltering economy,” he warned, as the country continues to break records for daily deaths from Covid-19 and could cross by its entry into office the bar of 400,000 dead.

The future president has also let filter his concern to see a Congress monopolized by the trial of Donald Trump for “inciting an insurgency” to relegate to the background the confirmation hearings of the members of his government, essential to allow him to pass quickly to the action.

And the climate of partisan confrontation which could accompany the debates also threatens the promise of “reconciliation” and “rally” of candidate Biden.

Because now that the “impeachment” has been voted in the House of Representatives, by the Democrats but also, notably, ten Republican deputies, the continuation of the procedure remains very uncertain.

The president of the lower house, Nancy Pelosi, has not yet said when she intends to forward the indictment to the upper house, charged with the trial by the Constitution.

And the Senate, which will pass January 20 under Democratic control, will not meet until the day before. The date of the trial has not been set.

– Republican camp cracked –

Even if the accused will henceforth be a former president, and that the stake of removing him from power will therefore have disappeared, such a trial risks capturing all the media light.

On the one hand, because “if the president is found guilty, there will be another vote to prohibit him from being a candidate again”, warned Wednesday Chuck Schumer, who is preparing to take the reins of the Democratic majority in Senate.

On the other hand, because unlike the impeachment trial a year ago in the Ukrainian affair, when the Republicans united behind their president, this time the unity of the right is already cracked – many of its representatives who have definitely turned their backs on the former businessman since the violence at the Capitol, which left five dead.

So much so that a conviction of Donald Trump, although far from being assured, no longer appears impossible.

The influential leader of Republican senators Mitch McConnell has made it known publicly that he is not ruling out the conviction.

This clever strategist knows that a signal from him in this direction could help the Republican Party to turn the Trump page for good.

The outgoing president, who stubbornly refused until the chaos of last week to recognize that Joe Biden would enter the White House on January 20, dreamed of continuing to weigh on the Grand Old Party, or even running for re-election in 2024.

Increasingly isolated as he prepares to retire to his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, he has been trying in recent days to reassure by appealing for calm and standing out from his supporters in the origin of the violence of January 6.

Especially since the security services are on the teeth facing the threat of new demonstrations in Washington and other cities of the country, this weekend and during the swearing-in of the Democrat, on the steps of a Capitol barricaded.


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