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In a vote held in the Senate Tuesday afternoon to vote for Trump’s Federal Reserve candidate Judy Shelton, the presence of Vice President-Elect Senator Kamala Harris and the absence of Vice President Mike Pence thwarted the Republicans’ attempt. .

Escorted by her police guard, Harris arrived at the Capitol at 3:00 pm just for the vote. Pence wasn’t even in the building.

“The irony is that his vote kept Pence from voting,” said Senator Sherrod Brown, an aggressive critic of Shelton and the top Democrat on the Banking Committee, said. Politico. Had Harris not been on the ballot, Pence could have broken a 48-48 tie.

Republicans have the option of bringing Shelton back later this week, but there appears to be no clear commitment to try again.

Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee have opposed Shelton’s appointment; his absence would again put the vote in trouble.

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