Biden will not hold any face-to-face rallies during the pandemic

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“I plan to follow the doctors’ orders. Not just for me but for the country. And that means I won’t be holding rallies.” In his first press conference after three months of confinement, Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, announced on Tuesday that he will not hold rallies or mass events in his campaign for the November 3 elections. due to covid-19.

He said this, in fact, on the same day that the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, warned the Senate that the level of infection could soon lead the country to register up to 100,000 cases. new per day (currently more than 45,000). The coronavirus pandemic has so far left 127,485 dead in the United States and more than 2.6 million officially confirmed infections.

After Donald Trump’s controversial rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in which half of the stands were left empty due to a lack of audience – although in part it was due to a boycott driven on social media by teens like Tik Tok: van to attend the event and did not show up – his Democratic rival chooses to give up face-to-face calls for the duration of the pandemic, as he has been doing since March.

In fact, the Democratic Convention that will have to officially choose Biden as its presidential candidate, Aug. 17-22 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will also finally be held electronically, after organizers have asked all state delegations that do not travel and connect via online. Biden has yet to choose who will complete the electoral tandem, the candidacy for vice president, of which she has already announced that she will be a woman. He says he is still evaluating many candidates.

All recent polls predict a victory for Joe Biden in the November presidential election, and some – such as the New York Times – even give him a 14-point lead over U.S. President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate. to re-election. In most polls Biden outperforms Trump by 8 or 9 points, but the candidate said he didn’t want to be trusted because he still had a long way to go.

Also on Wednesday, a group of former George W. Bush administration officials announced that they were launching a support group for Joe Biden’s candidacy, named 43 Alumni for Biden, with ” the goal of uniting and mobilizing the community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the “damage done to the nation” by Donald Trump’s presidency.

“For four years, we have seen with grave concern how the party we love has been transformed into a cult of personality that bears little resemblance to the Lincoln or Reagan party,” one of the group’s promoters said in a statement. , Karen Kirksey, who worked in the Bush campaign of 2000 and also in the Labor and Agriculture department of that administration. The group has made it clear that it does not agree with all of the former Obama president’s political ideas, but that he supports him in removing Donald Trump from the presidency.



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