Biden’s plan to ban Tik Tok – WeChat

June 10, 2021


Joe Biden issues new executive order The ban on Tik Tok and WeChat was lifted during Trump’s time.

President Joe Biden ofunited states has revoked the order ofFormer President Donald Trump that try to block the applicationtick tock andwechat ofChina exit the US market due to concerns about the security of the country

President Biden issues new executive order Calls for a four-month period to review the ongoing efforts by foreign adversaries to steal or acquire US personal data.

The statement was released on Wednesday (June 9) instead of banning WeChat and Tik Tok. But Biden’s administration has chosen to operate within a rigorous judging framework. which will be analyzed based on evidence to deal with the risks of applications regulated by foreign entities

Former President Trump claims applicationSuch risks jeopardize national security and forceUS investorstiktok withdrawal of Bit Dance Company It remains one of the most popular applications in the world.

WeChat is part of Tencent. giantstechnologyChina’s one of the “best apps” is both a social network. messaging ecommerce and so on

However, neither WeChat nor Tik Tok commented on the matter.


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