Bieber says that the thought of spending his life with his wife gives him chills.

Justin Bieber found out about married life at a kick-off event for his new album.

The 25-year-old Canadian singer talked about his record changes when he performed in a nightclub in central London.

He announced that it is dedicated to his 23-year-old wife Hailey, whom he married in the United States last year.

The couple had a relationship that originally existed in 2015 before separating a few months later in 2016.

They then reconciled in 2018.

He described their relationship and told the crowd at Tape London: “The thought of being with my wife makes me shiver forever.

“I spoke to her this morning – she is in LA. This whole album is very dedicated to her and my love for her, and hopefully that will translate.

“I let my wife know that whatever happens in life can take it from me – in a poke if you know what I mean.”

The pop star said he hoped his fans would find the same happiness he found with Hailey and added, “We all have this significant other. Who doesn’t? I pray you will find them.”

Bieber also discussed his writing process for changes, revealing that he was originally intended to be a continuation of his 2013 R&B-inspired compilation journals.

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“I made an album called Journals and wanted to make a different version of it, but it didn’t sound like it, so I decided to change it. I still want to do Journals Two someday.”

When the event ended, he added, “I won’t wait that long to make another album. I promise you.”

In addition to the release, Bieber has released a documentary about the writing and recording process called Seasons.

Much of the film examines his relationship with Hailey and how the two got to know each other as teenagers.

He said: “Since I was young I always wanted to be married, I wanted a family. It was always at the top of my list.

“But I didn’t know it was going to happen, so I’m really excited. I have the sickest girl in the game. She’s so great.”

Hailey, a model, praised Bieber’s new release and said it was an “amazing” job.

She wrote on Instagram: “Couldn’t be happier that people can finally hear this album. Couldn’t be prouder of you, couldn’t be in love with you anymore.

“Congratulations on an amazing, amazing album Baby.”

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