Big Brother: Alfa’s controversial behavior with Agustín and Marcos in the bathroom

Alfa was once again at the center of the controversy in Big Brother (Telephone) because, after the match of the Argentine national teamHe opened the bathroom door to spy on Marcos y Agustin.

The oldest participant in the house felt doubts when Nacho told him that the two little brothers were alone in the toilette and decided to invade their privacy to see what they were doing. “Homophobic” e “disrespectful” were some of the reactions that appeared on social networks.

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It all happened because Alfa wanted to find Marcos and Agustín. While Nacho helped Cata with her haircut, he told her: “One is taking a bath and the other is in the bathroom.” “The two of them in the bathroom? Hmm…”, Walter suggested, and immediately went to the door to open it and spy on them.

Alfa opened the bathroom door without permission to spy on Marcos and Agustín. (Photo: Capture Twitter).

“The shower is running, make a bowl… and go in,” Walter told Nacho so that his partner could sneak into the bathroom and see what they were doing. Then, given his latent curiosity to know what the little brothers were doing, he decided to look again and expressed: “Now he is taking a shower, but not two minutes ago”.

The fans of Big Brother They didn’t take it very well when Alfa looked at Marcos and Agustín without consent while they were in the bathroom. “The dirty and perverse mind that you have cannot be believedsaid one user. “Then does she get angry if they tell her degenerate?”, “Alpha is very homophobic”, “You can’t be so disrespectful, when you’re on the plate I’m going to spend all the Christmas bonus to vote for you”, “He has not the slightest respect for privacy!”, they also opined on Twitter.

Juleta Poggio got angry with Alfa because he talked about the sexuality of Marcos and Agustín

Alfa made a comment about sexuality Marcos y Agustinwhich he then graphed with a reprehensible imitation that Julietwho was in the talk, categorically rejected.

“Marcos is gay,” Alfa commented when he was in the patio with Romina and Juliet. “No, not there. It doesn’t seem to me”said the young model.

Walter again generated controversy in “Big Brother”. (Photo: Telefe capture)

The largest participant in this edition, then, suggested that Marcos liked men and he did the same with Agustín. “Do you swear to me that you are not going to say anything?”he asked Juliet y Romina before showing them what he supposedly saw of his partner.

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Alfa got up from the chair and did an imitation of Agustín, according to what he said, “looking at the panties on the clothesline.” “I swear I’m not lying,” she remarked. “Oh, no Alpha, how ugly. How disgusting, boluda ”, Julieta told Romina, after seeing Alfa’s way of making fun of her partner.

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