“Big Brother”: Romina put a limit on Alfa after a strong discussion

From becoming super buddies, Romina and Alfa can’t even see each other. After a strong discussion inside the Big Brother house, they spoke with Santiago del Moro.

At the beginning, Walter Santiago was full of praise for the former deputy. “What can I tell you about Romina… from the start she was a partner here, we shared everything. The kitchen, talks, we are the only ones who are parents. We know what it’s like to have a child. What is the feeling towards a son and the son’s feeling towards one. She is very madrassa, she has a heart of gold … ”, expressed the car fanatic.

“He has a lot of goodness. It also delivers on everything. It has no limits to deliver. If they want to eat, she prepares the food for them. Sometimes these ‘breaks’ come at two in the morning and say: ‘We want pancakes.’ She is tired, because you see her dark circles under her eyes, and she makes them the same, ”Alfa continued, warmly.

However, he then went on to list Uhrig’s shortcomings. “Sometimes she listens to what she wants to hear. She doesn’t listen to what you want to say. It happens that we are all day and I can not blame her. Nor tell him that it is a defect, but that it is so. Romina always downloaded a lot in me. She gets mad and mad at me, ”Alfa said, while she denied everything.

Romina stopped Alpha

It was at that moment that Romina felt compelled to interrupt her partner and said: “Sorry, he was speaking. But I don’t think so at all, I don’t download anything to anyone. On the contrary, I keep everything to myself, I always talk about it with the psychologist, but it’s not that I download it later. I don’t think so…”.

Then, the participant pointed out to her partner that their relationship is not at its best. “He was a person to whom I, here at home, clung a lot despite the fact that I always told him that we are oil and water. Sometimes I tell the psychologist the same thing: ‘I don’t know why I clung to him so much.’ Today, the reality is that we are not getting along well, ”Romina launched forcefully.

Romina Uhrig, Big Brother.  (Screenshot)

Finally, while Alfa is convinced that they can be friends again, she made it clear that she prefers to continue her stay in the most famous house in the country apart.

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