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At the end of the G7 summit, we can only see that the situation will continue to deteriorate, but we can’t see the effect of stabilizing the situation.

The United States has recently made many gestures. For example, the military plane used to announce the delivery of vaccines on the anniversary of the Normandy landing, imitating the signing of the “New Atlantic Charter” with the United Kingdom during World War II. The G7 joint statement condemned the CCP for destroying human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong’s one country, two systems, urged a thorough investigation of the origin of the new crown pneumonia, and mentioned the Taiwan issue.

Then, at the press conference, Biden reiterated that the United States is not seeking conflict. French President Macron said that G7 is not a club hostile to China.

It was reported that during the talks, Biden called on the leaders of other countries to speak out and condemn China’s violations of democracy and emphasized the need to take action. Among them, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France generally agreed.

But when Biden, British Prime Minister Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau urged concrete measures to counter China, Germany, Italy and the European Union hesitated and focused on the cooperation between the G7 and China.

That is to say, condemning and posing, Europe is willing, but if it is done, Europe has reservations. The problem is that you put a lot of gestures, and then let people see that you haven’t said the number.

The one who pulls the back of the United States is still Germany. Then this posture system can have the opposite effect. For example, regardless of the CCP’s deployment of the Belt and Road Initiative or its emphasis on handling the issue of Myanmar in an ASEAN model, it has two words: Breakthrough.

Russia can control the bigger picture

When people in Europe see that their trump cards are limited to posture, they can’t actually help. Once this posture is impacted, the geopolitical influence sought by the impactor will add points. The more the opponent poses before, the more points will be added for successful impact. As a result, the posture not only failed to achieve the defensive effect, but exposed weaknesses and made the situation more dangerous.

Therefore, Russia is the only one who can really control the overall situation. Biden and Putin will meet soon, and Putin is certainly different from Merkel. However, the United States and Russia believe that there will be no major joint statement. Russia does not need to posture, nor does it need to cooperate with the United States in posturing. Only by seeing what Russia does in the future will we know what the United States and Russia are talking about.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently lost weight, and whether his health is a problem has attracted attention. Since 1973, the United States and South Korea have formulated a combat plan to deal with the North Korean crisis, the so-called 5015, 5027, and 5029 combat plans. Among them, the 5029 plan is specifically aimed at the crisis of political turmoil in North Korea. If there are drastic changes, one of the solutions is for the United States to work with Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries to deal with it.

Biden’s deployment has the purpose of setting a time limit to unify allies, during which it can identify differences within the United States. If there is an outflow of intelligence, it will know the enemy and ourselves, but it is also equivalent to giving all parties the same time limit to prepare and respond. The problems accumulated in recent years will have a preliminary conclusion, and the shock will not be lower than the previous two years. As a result, right and wrong are only in the current situation and justice is not in the hearts of the people, or is right and wrong not in the times and justice is in the hearts of the people?

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