Big hits to boost the popularity of Snaps


The Snapchat editor is preparing a catalog of songs that can be integrated into the short videos.

Snapchat Inc.

The Californian firm is listed on the stock exchange.

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The Californian company Snap is testing a new feature to put snaps to music. Before or after the video capture, followers of the messaging app can go dig into a catalog, which will become “consistent”. The viewer friend can listen to the title after viewing the snap. A swipe up presents in fact the cover of the album with a web link giving direct access to the playback of the song via the service. Linkfire.

The publisher of Snapchat has signed agreements with the music industry, including Warner and Universal, to settle copyright. According to him, the function will allow fans to forge more intense bonds with the artists and the music. A more effective power of recommendation is also highlighted thanks to the proximity of the links between Snapchat users.

“We make sure that the entire music ecosystem – artists, labels, songwriters, publishers and streaming services – sees the value of our partnerships.”


Snap hopes to set itself apart from TikTok, where the navigation is done through contributors who have used the same sound for their video. Unlike the extracts offered by the music platforms Spotify, Apple Music and other SoundCloud, the entire song will be available for listening to the friends of the author of the snap. In testing in Australia and New Zealand, the functionality will be deployed this fall in English-speaking markets.

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