“Big Kritsada” rehearsed hard, “Ingfah” bleeds from the mouth.

Is there any more brutal than this?
“Big Kritsada” rehearsed hard, “Ingfah” bleeds from the mouth.

“Tantawan See Ploeng”, a full-flavored romantic drama of Paphatsara Productions camp that the organizer, Keng Kob-Paphasara Techapaiboon, selected and cut to make this drama fun, full of flavor, and still reflects to family social problems as well!

In addition to presenting on family problems It also presents a story of jealousy. Choosing the wrong path through the character Duangkaew (Ingfah Ketkham), the daughter of Aunt Sri (Panadda Komaratat), the chef of the Sunflower Resort. who is jealous of the resort owner, Sunflower (Ching Ching Krittha) wants to live the same life that he does not think of conscience Can do anything, even “kill” the benefactor.

But life is not as expected With love and jealousy, Duangkaew had to be attacked by Thapthai (Big Kritsada), a man she thought would make her life better. But she was only his “one point”.

The story continues when Duangkaew pretends to spill food on Saikwan (Sky Maria) and Saikwan learns the truth that Duangkaew is a woman of Thapthai (Big Kritsada). Therefore, Thapthai hurt Duangkaew heavily because causing the woman he wanted to slip away

In this scene, the team uses the location “Woodlands Muang Mai”, Nakhon Pathom Province, is a filming location. by setting the scene where Thapthai Chikhua Duangkaew came to the front of the room And the rebuke that made Saikwan slip out of his hands, with Aunt Sri following her to help her son, along with Singha (Jup Ittikorn) and Duan (Piya Phongkulpha), another woman of Thap Tai, and then Thap Tai took Duangkaew to practice in room savagely

Director Inscribed Sanguanpong asked to rehearse the actor’s queue and the camera queue at the same time after the script was finished. when everything is ready The camera then plans the first image to Big Boy, pulling Ing Fah’s head to the front of the room. Then the actors continue to dialog until Big Boy takes Ing Fah into the room and makes a sound as if he is attacking. Ing Fah is crying with symptoms. Of the person who is in excruciating pain by ending the picture that the traumatized Ingfah, blood frog mouth is in her mother’s embrace!

You can watch this scene in the drama. “Sunflower Si Ploeng” on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 and every Monday – Friday at 6:45 p.m. and rerun after midnight on Channel 7HD, press 35 or watch it backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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