Big S’s first utterance in 7 days of marriage is shockingly referring to “Cai! Massacre us” | Apple News | Apple Daily

On the 5th of this month, Da S (Xu Xiyuan) dropped the shocking bullet about divorcing her Chinese husband Wang Xiaofei. Wang Xiaofei, who lives in China, said that she was unaware, which was like a unilateral “divorce”, which caused an uproar in the three places. Da S kept silent after the marriage change. After 7 days of silence, she made her voice for the first time in a limited-time personal IG update that was rarely updated. She wrote surprisingly, “We were massacred! Cai! Massacre us.”

Since Big S announced the divorce, her every move has become the focus of attention from the outside world. She has always been daring to speak, but she has always remained silent. Today she revealed on IG that “My Weibo has been blocked, and IG has also been suspended for updating (new)”! Angrily said, “We were massacred! Cai! We were slaughtered.” She did not specify who “Cai” was referring to, which aroused curiosity from all walks of life.

44-year-old S and 39-year-old Wang Xiaofei have been married for 10 years and have a pair of children. Wang Xiaofei went to China to deal with work matters in July last year, and did not return to Taiwan for six months. Before the Lunar New Year, his isolation period expired and he was reunited with S and his children. During the Chinese New Year, Wang Xiaofei on Weibo on the 5th criticized the Taiwanese confirmed to fly to Xiamen as a traitor. He also criticized Taipei for failing to get the vaccine compared with China. “This is the gap”, which caused an uproar. In this regard, the big S confirmed to “Apple News”: “Divorce procedures I’m doing it. I don’t comment on his words and deeds.” A 10-year marriage is in jeopardy. (Hong Caiting/Comprehensive Report)


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