Big trade in sight between Lakers and Spurs?

As the draft approaches, discussions accelerate, especially as the free agency will land in a few days. The Lakers are looking to get rid of several players, and could negotiate with the Spurs. Results ? A big trade that could make a difference.

Determined to strengthen their squad in the days to come, the Lakers will take action without any surprise. We expect movement from California, especially since Kyle Kuzma is offered to almost all teams. For now, the returns are few, but everything will settle with the draft approaching, just like the free agency.

In this game, the Angelinos will be aggressive. They obviously have several stars in the sights, but the files will be complicated to conclude. Whether for a sum of money, or a counterpart that is too high: Rob Pelinka risks encountering difficulties.

This is the case with Kuzma, who therefore does not seem to have a big rating in the league. However, and according to insider Marc Stein, discussions are ongoing with Spurs. The interior would take the direction of Texas, when DeMar DeRozan did the opposite, he who has already raised the possibility of playing for the franchise of the Angels.

Kuzma could thus relaunch with San Antonio, a team that needs a boost of vitality. On the other hand, DeRozan would allow Frank Vogel to have another scorer, enough to relieve the responsibilities of LeBron James. The contours of the exchange are yet to be defined, but it is to be watched closely.

Spurs also have an interest in Kyle Kuzma in various scenarios for a sign-and-trade involving DeMar DeRozan.

DeMar DeRozan at the Lakers? Here’s an idea that may appeal to fans, although a creator wouldn’t hurt either. In any case, we must above all find a way out for Kyle Kuzma, who interests Spurs. Go to the start of the free agency to follow all of this.

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