Big trouble with Kim Virginia & Linda! THAT is behind it

In the fourth episode of “The Bachelor” (now on TVNOW) there is a MEGA-Zoff between Linda-Caroline Nobat and Kim Virginia Hartung. Trigger: Linda mimics candidate Anna when she compliments Bachelor Niko for his look. The other girls only think so semi-funny, even if Linda probably wasn’t serious about the joke. “I don’t take anything seriously about you anymore, I never know when you’re serious,” Kim Virginia interferes. She probably did not expect that she would trigger a tantrum in Linda with this sentence. You can see it in the video.

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Kim Virginia is in tears

Oh dear, unexpectedly, the night of the roses comes to a mega-zickenzoff. While the Bachelor withdraws to make his decision, the dispute between Linda and Kim Virginia escalates so much that Kim breaks into tears. All the trouble and whether the two hens get a rose from Niko anyway, is already available for streaming on TVNOW.

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