Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Fame Sruthi Lakshmi Open Up About Pregnancy Controversy

2023-05-24 13:40:17

When Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 entered the ninth week, Shruti Lakshmi was the latest to be evicted. After being evicted, Shruti told host Mohanlal that the show was enough for her. Shruti Lakshmi’s name caused the most controversies after entering the house. Shruti Lakshmi entered the Bigg Boss house as a movie and serial star.

Audience did not like Shruti’s friendship with Mithun and Rinosh. Shruti hugged and kissed Rinosh in a big way and was discussed badly among the audience. Shruti, who is now out of the house, has responded to the controversies related to the Bigg Boss house. Shruti Lakshmi answered all the controversies in an interview with Behindwoods Ice along with her husband AV.

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A section of the audience was of the opinion that there was a possibility that Shruti might end her marriage with her husband Shruti as she was close to Mithun and Rinosh. Shruti had seen all the comments, news and videos about her. Therefore, when they came to participate in the interview given to Behindwoods Ice, Shruti and her husband Evin said that this is their third wedding after they put the wedding rings given by the host on each other’s neck and came out of the house.

Shruti and her husband said that they got married even when they went to another interview. In the interview, Shruti also revealed that her husband called the Bigg Boss team and spoke to her after seeing her struggling for the first physical task.

‘After reaching the house, the first task was the Katta task. As it seemed a little risky, Evin called the Bigg Boss team and had a heated conversation. Evin told the Bigg Boss team that he wants Shruti back just like him.

After that it seemed like they liberalized the game a bit. Even if you call Bigg Boss, you won’t go. If I get a call now, I will tell Evin and let him go’ says Shruti.

Shruti also talked about whether Anjus kissed her neck. The video of Anjus kissing Shruti’s neck was one of the most discussed among the Bigg Boss audience. ‘The first controversy was not Anchus’s mother…? Anjus has given a lot of hugs not only in the kitchen but also when sleeping.’

But it seems no one saw that. Similarly, I feel bad that my relationship with Rinosh has been misunderstood. After going to the house, you get a big relief when you hug someone in the midst of stress and noise. Shruti said, ‘I don’t hug for any other feeling’.

Shruti had said many times in fifty-six days that Rinosh George is like a tiger to her. But the Shruti-Rinosh relationship was interpreted differently among the audience.

Shruti says that she was at peace when she left the house and knew that she would have to stay strong after leaving the house. In response to the controversies, Shruti said that she knows how a man hugs her and that she has come of age.

After going to Bigg Boss, mostly women liked me. They send love messages and calls from different places. When Mithun comes out victorious, hug him and give him a hug. He wanted a lot for my mother. I also saw the news that I got pregnant in the house.’

‘Through the cameras there is pregnancy. Otherwise you will have to suspect Bigg Boss. After all kinds of tests are done, they are sent to the house. And how to get pregnant?’ Shruti Lakshmi explained. At one point there were reports that Shruti is pregnant and will soon quit the show.

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Shruti says that her husband Evin has never seen the crying and anger that she showed in the house during the eight years of their married life. ‘Evin has never made me cry. That’s why Evin never saw me cry. There is no reason to be angry. Evin is a full piece.’

Shruti Lakshmi says that after seeing my performance in Bigg Boss, many people asked Ev how she carries herself. Shruti Lakshmi said that she did not have any PR work and felt that she should have done it after entering the house and that her exit was a loss for Bigg Boss.

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