Biju Memon starrer film Vellimoonga sequel to go on floors soon | Vellimoonga-2: Minister Mamachan is coming with new tastes of laughter .. !! The Silver Owl prepares the second part

Vellimoonga-2: The movie ‘Vellimoonga’ starring Biju Menon is one of the all time hits in Malayalam.

‘Vellimoonga’ made the Malayalam cinema audience laugh a lot. It was also the film that gave Biju Menon the lead role after a long hiatus. The movie Vellamunga ends with Mamachan becoming a minister.

Set in a rural setting, the director portrayed the virtues of the countryside in a silly way in ‘Vellimoonga’. However, it is reported that the second part of the super hit Silver Owl is getting ready in the line-up.

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The minister ‘Mamachan’ can be seen in the second part of ‘Vellimoonga’. Naturally, the film will focus on political comedy. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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Silver Owl was the first directorial venture of cameraman Jibu Jacob. When his first film was well received by the audience, Jibu Jacob became one of the hit directors in Malayalam.

Meanwhile, the silver owl. Jibu Jacob and Biju Menon have not yet officially commented on the second part.

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