Bike and electric scooter bonus: unlocks in September?

Bonus by bank transfer

The mobility bonus it is probably one of the most appreciated government measures on mobility, so much so that it has generated a sales boom of bicycles, e-bike and micromobility vehicles, in particular of monopattini.
A demand for means so high that it has emptied the warehouses of producers making it difficult to find a simple pedal assisted bike. A commendable initiative which, however, it is not yet implemented for delays in the implementation of the tools to request the bonus (equal to 60% of the price of the vehicle with a maximum limit of 500 euro). A delay generator of anxiety for those who have already made the purchase due to the lack of agreement between the various ministries involved for the definition of the rules. Now the agreement appears to have been reached and refunds they might arrive already from the beginning of September. To get them it will no longer be necessary to download aapp, as previously announced, but just connect with the website of the Ministry of the Environment e fill in the specific form with their personal data, the invoice or the “talking receipt“, As well as the Iban code. If the documents are in order, the refund of the amount due will be made directly by the ministry with a Bank transfer. The system developed should avoid the risk of “click day“, That is a clogging of the server due tohigh number of requests provided. The refund, in fact, will not be based on the date of registration on the site, but following the date of purchase of the vehicle documented by invoice or “talking receipt”. In this way, the first to receive the contribution will be the first to have made the purchase starting from May 4th, bonus start day, and then we will proceed in chronological order until the end of the 210 million allocated. It still remains the procedure is uncertain to be carried out for those who still want to buy a vehicle facilitated by December 31st or, remember, a subscription to shared mobility services for individual use, therefore the sharing of bicycles, scooters, segways. We also remember that the mobility bonus it can be requested only once by adults residing in the regional capitals, in metropolitan cities and in municipalities with a population greater than 50,000 inhabitants.

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