Bill Clinton in hospital for inflammation

Former US President Bill Clinton, 75, was taken to a California hospital for treatment of an infection, his spokesman announced Thursday. Doctors said Clinton is responding well to treatment at Irvine Medical Center, California. The infection has nothing to do with the Corona virus.

“President Clinton has been transferred to UC Irvine Medical Center for treatment for an infection unrelated to COVID,” spokesman Angel Urena wrote on Twitter. “He is recovering and in good spirits, and he is very grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who provided him with excellent care,” he added.

An AFP reporter at the hospital said that the atmosphere was calm and the president was not seen, while the media gathered in a parking lot.

CNN reported that Clinton had a urinary tract infection that spread to the bloodstream.

Sanjay Gupta, a medical correspondent for the American station, said that Clinton reported feeling tired during a visit to California last Tuesday and went to the hospital for tests that showed that he did not have “Covid-19” or heart-related problems.


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