Bill Gates ‘daughter, engaged to an Egyptian, talks about her parents’ divorce

Jennifer Gates, Bill Gates’ eldest daughter, went to her Instagram account, touching on the joint statement issued by her parents on Monday, in which they announced their divorce after a 27-year-old marriage that produced 3 children, and wrote in her account on the site where 406 thousand follow her, the first A comment from her on the famous divorce.

She wrote: “Many of you heard the news of my parents’ separation … It was a difficult time period for our entire family … I will not personally comment on anything related to the separation, but I hope you know that your kind words and your support mean the whole world to me,” according to her expression that I learned about. “It is reported on the site of the American People magazine, who followed him, saying that she is still learning the best way to support her work and her emotions, as well as family members at this time.

It is known about Jennifer Gates, who is 25 years old, that her friend of Egyptian origin, Nile Nassar, announced last year, through “Instagram” himself, his engagement to her, where he said: “Yes … I feel that I am the happiest man in the world now .. Jen (Jennifer miniatures) You are everything I could imagine … and much more. “

He continued in another text and said, “I cannot wait until we continue together through this journey that is called life, and I simply cannot imagine myself without you .. I love you more than you can imagine .. and I thank you for making every day feel like my dream.” Jennifer: “Nile Nassar, you are rare … I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, laughing and loving together … yes a million times” in reference to her acceptance of his invitation to engage.

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