Bill Gates predicts when the next pandemic will be. It’s sooner than you think!

Bill Gates revealed when he thinks that the next pandemic will strike humanity. This was revealed on his podcast, Bill Gates and Rashida Jones: Ask Big Questions. The Microsoft founder spoke about what he thinks the future of global pandemics will look like. In a candid conversation Gates describes how has high hopes for the Post COVID-19 world and the challenges humanity will face.

The next pandemic will be in less than we think

Predictions of a pandemic are nothing new to Gates. He has been talking about the threat of a global pandemic for years. In a TED Talk in 2015, Gates warned that the world was not prepared for a pandemic.

“If something kills more than 10 million people in the next few decades, it is more likely to be highly infectious virus rather than war“, said. “Not missiles, but microbes.”

Gates ya had warned a few years ago about the prospect of a global pandemic. But now he believes it is almost inevitable that another will happen in the world, as it is increasingly globalized.

I hope it’s 20 years from now“, Before adding,” but we must assume that it could be within 3 years… There is a reasonable chance that the world faces something like this in the next 10 to 15 yearsGates said when questioned by Rashida Jones.

The Post-Covid-19 world according to Bill Gates

According to Gates, the hope of returning to normal after the vaccine is unrealistic. For him the elimination of the virus will not lead to a return to life prior to COVID-19.

He points out that the “home office” modality will remain in force. New technologies like video conferencing will make remote working more viable than ever. “My prediction would be that more than 50% of business trips and more than 30% of days in the office will disappear”, He assures. His prediction is that we will continue to go to the office and take business trips, but much less than before. Microsoft has already announced a change in its work practices that allows employees to work from home for at least half of their working hours.

Regarding the vaccines, which are in the process of global approval, the philanthropist assures that “the only vaccine that, if all goes well, could request the emergency use license at the end of October, Pfizer. I think that in December or January at least two or three more companies are likely to seek approval if they are effective. You have to remember that the trials are already in Phase 3 in progress, “he said in an interview with CNBC.

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