Bill Gates: Rich countries must give up real meat

Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes rich countries should switch to synthetic meat to prevent a climate catastrophe.

A new book by Microsoft founder, “Avoiding Climate Disasters,” was unveiled this week, providing guidance on how to reduce global warming, especially with technical solutions.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, the philanthropist acknowledged that tackling emissions from agriculture, especially livestock, is one of the most difficult climate challenges, and rich countries need to study what their people are eating.

“I don’t think the 80 poorest countries will eat synthetic beef. In fact, I think every rich country should switch to 100% synthetic beef,” he said, adding that the meat would taste much better over time.

Although he sees a possible shift from beef to a protein alternative in middle-income and rich countries, it is a political challenge, according to Gates.

There are about 1.4 billion cattle on the planet, the second largest source of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions after food waste.

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