Billie Eilish, an unfiltered star to (re) discover on Apple TV +

The American singer has experienced a meteoric rise, which she has partly documented herself. The film Billie Eilish. The World’s a Little Blurry relies on these personal archives to retrace his journey. It will be available from this Friday on the Apple platform.

From early 2019 to her final recognition at the 2020 Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish has only reinforced her status as a major figure of pop. This is precisely the period that covers Billie Eilish. The World’s a Little Blurry, a signed documentary R. J. Cutler, which will be available on the Apple platform TV+ from Friday February 26.

As sums it up Los Angeles Magazine : “The film focuses on the creation of Eilish’s debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? and the resulting world domination. Fans are familiar with the story of homeschooled siblings Billie and Finneas, who co-wrote the album in the latter’s bedroom at their parents’ house in Highland Park. [un quartier du nord-est de Los Angeles].”

But the film offers the opportunity to learn more about this dazzling success of the young woman, and more exactly on how she lived this upheaval, including during the most difficult moments. It is also a way of entering his world for those who would have heard only by passing this voice so recognizable, very slightly muffled, on texts that are willingly dark.

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The particularity of the documentary is to use in large part images captured by the star herself as well as her family. A boon for R. J. Cutler who details from THE Mag the different sources used, in addition to what he himself filmed. “On a tripod, in the bedroom, there was a GoPro that the children [O’Connell, le vrai patronyme de Billie Eilish] lit when they felt inspired. And they often turned it on! On the occasion of a meeting, a conversation or a song. Their mother also sometimes filmed them with her iPhone. Since she has grasped things that only a mom can see, it’s amazing to be able to have that motherly perspective. ”

Another big thing is that Billie was born in 2001 and like everyone born in that year and after her entire life is recorded in some way. It was a real godsend for us filmmakers. ”

Result, greet the Californian magazine, The World’s a Little Blurry is a successful exercise. “The movie never seems scripted, even when Eilish looks down at the camera to speak directly to the viewer. What emerges is a clear portrait of a hyper-creative and hypertalent young visionary, who is also a vulnerable and fragile young woman, despite early maturity. ”

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