Billionaire record embargo on a drug gang: more than 30 billion pesos

The figure is basically impressive because it is an absolute record: thirty thousand two hundred million pesos of embargo. A long number: $ 30,200,000,000. That is the amount that the Economic Criminal Judge Pablo Yadarola imposed on the Atachahua Clan, led by the Peruvian -nationalized Argentine- Carlos Sein Atachahua Espinoza (51).

Until this ruling, the most important embargo on a drug gang had been dictated, also by Yadarola, against the clan of Salta brothers Gonzalo and Erwin Loza. An amount of 7,400,000 million pesos was imposed on them in January 2019, considering that they laundering money from a drug activity carried out over 20 years.

The 166-page resolution includes the prosecution for money laundering of drug trafficking from Atachahua, his daughter Naddya Lebina Atachahua del Aguila (26), his accountant Miguel Angel García Ramos (47) and his wife, Carla Violeta Correa Castañeda .

In addition, he considered all of them part of an illicit association, with Atachahua as head and García Ramos as the second most important within the organization. The only one who was saved from preventive detention was Atachahua’s daughter, who had not been arrested in the operations in late October, when the gang fell.

The case that exploded on Wednesday, October 21 with a mega operation carried out by Gendarmerie in the city of Buenos Aires that caught the attention of the whole world and was mistaken as a raid against clandestine exchange houses.

A central character in the story, who was exposed on the day of the raids, was the financier Diego Xavier Guastini (45) who declared as repentant and gave fundamental information against Atachahua.

Atachahua had been one of his best clients, with whom he perhaps managed more money in his career as the main drug launderer in Argentina. Guastini provided company names, details of real estate purchases and even cocaine shipments abroad.

“Dolarín” – as some called Guastini – was also accused in this file by Pablo Yadarola but the criminal action against him was declared extinct. The reason: was Killed by hitmen on October 29, 2019, barely ten days after testifying for the last time before the Procunar investigators.

Guastini not only helped Atachahua to settle in the country with his family when he decided to emigrate permanently. He also created a partnership with his mother (OTBA SA) just to give Atachahua and his wife a job and have a blank income.

But in 2018 the relationship broke down. Who had been one of his main clients went to launder money with a former employee of his who had opened his own business.

Everything coincided with the exposure of Diego Guastini in the media from a case of money “mules”, for which in September 2019 he ended up signing an abbreviated trial for just three years of suspended prison. Some time before, his name had appeared in the newspapers because he was the last person to see the financier Hugo Diaz alive, who had been missing since March 2015.

At that time of estrangement and problems with the Justice Diego Guastini began to declare as repentant before the Procunar and to pass data on Atachahua. He did it three times, twice in October 2018 and once in October 2019, a few days before a hitman was sent to kill him.

He had previously given information about him to the AFI in such a way that, in 2018, the cases against the Peruvian began to flourish by different jurisdictions based mainly on anonymous names.



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