Billionaire seeks eight people to accompany him to the moon

Have you always dreamed of traveling to the Moon, and for free? Your dream could come true, thanks to this Japanese billionaire! The latter is called Yusaku Maezawa, he is a fashion professional and a collector of contemporary art.

A departure for the moon scheduled for 2023

But that’s not all. Indeed, the billionaire has announced his intention to go to the Moon aboard the Starship in 2023. But the billionaire does not intend to make the trip alone. He will be accompanied by six to eight artists and not long ago, he also intended to take his girlfriend, actress Ayame Goriki… before they split up.

After this mishap, Yusaku Maezawa tried to find love again or at least to come as a couple to the Moon by launching a contest. Thousands of women applied, but the competition was eventually canceled because it had attracted a lot of criticism.

Pre-registrations will end on March 14

The billionaire thus had to review his plans, until Tuesday, March 02, when he announced that he would pay for free travel for eight people from all walks of life. To determine who will be the lucky ones, the billionaire only asked those interested to consult the site Web dearMoon and to register until Sunday March 14, 2021. Note that the billionaire has already paid the tickets of eight people.

In his call for applications video, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk supported the initiative and said it would make a real difference. For its part, the space company has just successfully launched its SN10 prototype even though the prototype exploded eight minutes after landing.

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  1. Ive tried to dowload the application and it just takes me back to the same pages. I put the right addresses in web page no luck.


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