Billions of masks in nature

Useful to limit the spread of the virus, disposable masks are a plague on the environment.

The Straits Times, Singapore’s most widely read daily newspaper regularly publishes animated infographics on its website. Here is a version of the one posted on January 9. She denounces the amount of waste generated by the Covid-19 pandemic through the massive use of disposable masks, which have become the norm in many countries.

This situation adds additional pressure on the environment. “Masks and other personal protective equipment are found on beaches around the world”, underlines the newspaper which adds, fatalist:

with the pandemic showing no signs of abating, single-use masks will continue to be used in large numbers for some time to come. ”

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Founded in 1845, The Straits Times is the city-state’s most widely read daily. Reference English newspaper in Southeast Asia, it adopts positions close to the Singaporean government but offers good analyzes on all countries


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