News Bioethics, two deputies in the battle

Bioethics, two deputies in the battle


One is right-wing and staunchly opposed to the bill. The other, center right, on the contrary defended tooth and nail. Both have in common that they have played a crucial and unexpected role in the review of the draft revision of bioethics laws. The first is Thibault Bazin, MP LR 34 years. The second, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, 50 years old, is elected from Le Havre and a member of "Agir", the party founded by former LR deputies who have entered into an alliance with Emmanuel Macron.

The French bioethics model under pressure?

Nobody had predicted the increased presence of the young elected Meurthe-et-Moselle in the debates on bioethics. Certainly, in February, he had been one of the few parliamentarians to visit the Ministry of Health for a briefing session on the revision of laws. But apart from that, he was not even a member, the previous autumn, of the parliamentary mission on the subject.

Throughout the works, this professional planner has cultivated what he calls himself "The method of questioning"pushing the presidential majority and ministers to clarify their thinking and pointing to the contradictions of the bill. For example, when he asks ministers about the need to loosen the grip on the use of embryonic stem cells: "I do not understand why you want to change. Why is the ethical consideration different in 2019 from the one imagined in 2011? Are the research needs different? "he asks in committee.


During the discussions, he defends without blinking the 700 amendments of which he is the signatory, of the 4,600 filed in total on the bill, during the examination in committee or meeting. His omnipresence earned him the taunts of "Quotidien", Yann Barthès' show, but also a certain admiration among his colleagues, who praised his ability to work and his mood always equal. An equanimity that he claims. "We can not talk about respect for the human person if it does not go through the language "he claims.

Bioethics laws, the power of the legislator in question

The method of Thibault Bazin, consisting of avoiding small sentences and seditions, seems also shared by Agnès Firmin Le Bodo. The pharmacist – who still practices a day and a half a week – shares with MP LR the same concern to deal with the substance of the issues. She also had not been particularly involved in bioethical issues before she entered the running as president of the special commission. A presidency that the majority wanted to attribute to a non-member of LREM, as a sign of appeasement before a thorny debate.

"Both progressive and conservative"

Over the weeks, this close to Edward Philippe, was very often on the government line, leading the debate with a firm hand, but rarely mentioning, during the debates, his personal position. "I expressed myself when I felt that a red line was going to be crossed"she explains.

In committee, it reserves its votes to the most sensitive subjects, against the PMA post-mortem (rejected with two votes), the extension of preimplantation diagnosis (three votes) or the oocyte donation within a couple lesbian (a voice). Not hiding, thus, his opposition to one of the co-rapporteurs of the law, the emblematic deputy LREM Jean-Louis Touraine.

Bioethics, the six rapporteurs appointed by the National Assembly

"I'm progressive and conservative at the same time", today claims the one that holds "As much in the law as in what is not in it". In particular the GPA, to which it remains viscerally opposed. No contradiction, in his eyes, between these two labels: "It's more of a proof of my moderation", she says.

Subsequently, the member Agir intends to join the permanent delegation of the National Assembly to bioethics, created by the new law. "Now that I have dipped in it, I intend to continue investing in this subject", she announces. The delegation could be put in place after the promulgation of the law, around the summer of 2020.

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