Bird flu in the Netherlands: 190,000 chickens slaughtered

NAfter the outbreak of bird flu on at least two poultry farms in the Netherlands, the authorities ordered the slaughter of around 190,000 chickens. The Ministry of Agriculture announced on Sunday that a highly contagious variant of bird flu had occurred at a plant in Hekendorp near Gouda and another in Witmarsum in Frisia.

Bird flu cases have been reported by several farms in the Netherlands since October. The authorities assume that the virus is transmitted in particular by migratory birds. The bird flu virus is not harmful to humans, but it is devastating for agriculture.

Only recently was bird flu detected again in Germany. Cases have been reported daily to the Friedrich Löffler Institute (FLI), which is responsible for animal diseases, since the end of October.

The finds come mainly from the area of ​​the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea coast and the Baltic Sea coast in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. There is also isolated evidence from Hamburg, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony. The disease has also occurred in poultry flocks since the beginning of November.


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