Bird flu kills 750 white pelicans in Djoudj (official)

Dakar, Jan 29 (APS) – The death of 750 pelicans in the Djoudj National Bird Park, in the Saint-Louis region (north), is linked to bird flu, the Minister of the Environment said on Friday and of sustainable development.

“This is of course type A avian influenza which is a subtype of H5 N1 flu commonly called avian flu,” said Abdou Karim, interviewed by the RFM.

A technical mission led by the Ministry of Livestock and all the parties concerned will be on site on Saturday, he announced.

The management of National Parks, reported a few days ago a “high” mortality of 750 white pelicans including 740 young in Djoudj National Bird Park, in the region of Saint-Louis (north).

In addition, 10 adults were found during a patrol carried out on Saturday January 23 by officers of the said park.

While waiting to have the results of the laboratory, precautionary measures have already been taken, in particular the prohibition of access to the Park to the general public, the suspension of canoe trips along the Djoudj backwater, the statement said.

These measures include the destruction of carcasses and waste with the help of agents from the Saint-Louis hygiene brigade, strengthening of surveillance in the park, sensitization of agents and peripheral populations on the measures of biodiversity to observe.

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