Birthday photos of 14 full-time sisters!The beauty of the beauty network is bursting: I want it all-China TV News

(Flip photo clothing store wwhitetale official IG)

Su Weihua Comprehensive Report / Taipei City

Many people will find good friends to celebrate their birthdays and take a photo by the way. Recently, some netizens shared a beautiful birthday photo, because the 14 people in the photo are all sisters, and their appearance has aroused heated discussion.

Apparel store birthday photos exposed amazing beauty net hot discussion

Hong Kong apparel industry wwhitetale recently announced the officialIGPost a birthday photo, you can see the proprietress holding a cake, and 13 models and shop assistants who came to join the party. The proprietress wrote emotionally in the post that she used to think that a class of girls would be very annoying, and there were a lot of right and wrong, but in fact, it turned out to be so fun, saying “love everyone so much.”

As soon as the post was published, the birthday photos were reposted by Taiwanese netizens to the forum PTTTable Special Edition; Since the 14 girls in it all wore natural makeup and fresh dresses, they immediately attracted the attention of netizens. The original PO jokingly added numbers on the photos and asked everyone, “Who is the most correct?”

The beauty of the 14 people in the photo surprised a large number of netizens, and they shouted: “Children make choices, I want them all”, “As long as they can, I’m good for everyone”, “This group is really good.” Amazing”, “Where did this combination come from?”, “Is this circle of friends screened first?”, “This is so beautiful I can’t choose.”

(Flip photo clothing store wwhitetale official IG)

(Flip photo clothing store wwhitetale official IG)

News source: China TV News


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