Bisogno is ready to window again

Daniel Need is ready to return to “Selling”. The host was absent from the program for more than a month but the production commanded by Pati Chapoy has already been informed that it will be next Monday, January 18, when Bisogno returns to the program. It is still unknown, however, if Daniel will apologize for the comments towards the journalist Javier Ceriani and that everything indicates that it was the reason why it stopped appearing in the transmission.

Pepillo Origel there is only one

The one who has fans even in their fake accounts is Pepillo Origel well in Facebook, a profile that calls itself “Pepillo de leon” and that usually shares videos of the driver, has 130 thousand followers. However, the original Pepillo has already noticed and is asking on Instagram to denounce the account so that it is eliminated, something in which his fans are already supporting.

They criticize Niurka for taking photos without a mask

After going on vacation to Yucatan to welcome the new year, Niurka was questioned by her own followers whether she had already forgotten the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the healthy distance. But it is the date that the also dancer does not speak about the criticism and questions when seeing her in her photos without a mask. What her critics have noticed the most is that curiously she herself promotes the use of masks in campaigns and sales to the public that she advertises on her social networks, so it is thought that Niurka should give an explanation. However, it is already known among her collaborators and friends that the Cuban woman prefers not to talk about this issue.



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