Bitcoin is set to become the official means of payment in El Salvador

One published on Youtube on Friday Videothat apparently from the group “Anonymous” comes from, criticizes Tesla boss Elon Musk among other things for his social media comments on Bitcoin. The anonymous speakers in the video, which was distributed via the Twitter account @YourAnonCentral, among other things, complained to Musk that “the games you played with the crypto markets destroyed lives”.

It continues: “Millions of retail investors really relied on their crypto profits to make their lives better (…) your tweets show this week a clear disregard for the average worker. “The clip ends with the sentence:” You may think that you are the smartest person in the room, you do now you have met your counterpart. (…) Expect us. “

Musk, on the other hand continued to tweet over the weekend actively about cryptocurrencies and other topics without going into the video. The Tesla boss has long been an advocate of cryptocurrencies and fueled the hype via Twitter. Most recently, however, he had criticized the energy consumption of the Bitcoin system and thus triggered a sell-off.


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