“Bitcoin’s Role in Combating Cybersecurity Threats, including Deepfakes”

2023-05-29 22:42:57

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a double-edged sword in the field of cybersecurity. While this technology offers endless possibilities, it also opens the door to new threats. However, according to Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy, Bitcoin could be the solution to counter these attacks. With its advanced cryptography and decentralized nature, Bitcoin offers major advantages in combating certain attacks, including deepfakes.

Bitcoin could fight against deepfakes!

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin has often been the subject of criticism from the Wall Street media. It is accused of facilitating money laundering and being used by hackers and many other evils. But beyond these grim allegations, Satoshi’s invention may actually help destabilize the world of online criminals.

Indeed, thanks to its blockchain which ensures flawless transparency, no savvy criminal will dare to launder his funds in Bitcoin, for fear of exposing himself. But the benefits of the queen of cryptos do not stop there. Michael Saylor, strong Bitcoin advocate and co-founder of MicroStrategy, revealed other advantages offered by the queen of cryptocurrencies.

During a recent interview, Michael Saylor explained how crypto networks, such as Bitcoin, can enhance security and combat digital trust issues. He pointed out that Bitcoin could be the answer to cybersecurity threats, including deepfakes.

To illustrate his point, Saylor took the example of fake social media accounts created by bots. According to him, these billions of fake accounts are fueling a veritable digital “civil war”, sowing discord among genuine users.

Deepfakes, made cheaper and harder to detect thanks to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, represent a major risk in cyberspace. Michael Saylor, followed by more than 3 million followers on Twitter, revealed that he receives nearly 2,000 fake followers daily. Faced with this situation, he believes that it is high time to find concrete solutions.

“The risk in cyberspace is that I can create a billion fake people, and I can create a civil war by making fake Republicans hate fake Democrats, or real Democrats. Hate fake democrats against real republicans”

Michael Saylor

Decentralized identity (DID) can make the difference!

According to Saylor, adopting decentralized identities (DIDs) based on Bitcoin technology would significantly complicate the task of malicious actors seeking to create bots and spread false information.

To create these identities, the use of “public-private” keys stored on the Bitcoin blockchain would be necessary. When, for example, such an immutable identity is associated with a Twitter profile, any attempt to create and propagate billions of bots would have major financial consequences.

The use of cryptography and a decentralized crypto network would therefore increase security and reduce the risk of deepfake attacks.

Decentralized identities provide a reliable means of exchanging data and verifying personal information online. By using Bitcoin as a network of trust, cybercriminals would face increased difficulties in manipulating identities or creating fake accounts. Saylor insists the high cost and financial consequences will deter would-be attackers.

“If someone wants to run a billion Twitter bots, it’s going to cost them a billion transactions. […]. By combining the power of crypto with the power of a decentralized crypto network like Bitcoin, we can bring costs and consequences into cyberspace,” he explained.

Michael Saylor is not alone in seeing Bitcoin as a weapon against cyberattacks. US Space Force Major Jason Lowery also discussed using bitcoin to thwart certain attacks by designing programs that only work by responding to external signals associated with bitcoin transactions.

Other players, such as Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, are also working on decentralized identification solutions based on cryptographic evidence with their Worldcoin project.

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