Bizarrap and Featherweight premiered a lying down corrido with folkloric winks

2023-06-01 01:30:13

next to a global benchmark of lying down corridos such as Featherweight, the music producer Bizarrap dabbles in his brand new “BZRP. Music Session #55” in that Mexican musical genre that combines regional rhythms from that country with trap sounds and that the Argentinean adorns with Argentine folklore instrumentation.

Con iTraditional instruments for Mexican culture such as the tololoche and the charchetaand others like the lëguero bass drum and the Creole guitar that he borrows from Argentine folklore, the producer continues to renew his musical search, permeable even to his synthesizer sound to achieve a mixture that is still a novelty among national productions.

Featherweight, born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laijais one of the greatest exponents of the phenomenon that the Mexican corrido lying down has been reaping among digital platforms.

Its impact in recent times, being one of the most listened to Latinos in the world with songs like “Ella Baila Sola” and “Bye”opened doors for him in the United States, a country he recently visited to sit in Jimmy Fallon’s living room.

Yesterday, with the publication of a ‘stop motion’ animation video that put the artists in the shoes of two friendly mice, the arrival of this new session was confirmed, which promises to hatch on all platforms starting tonight and surpass even the impact of the last one with the Puerto Rican singer Arcángel.

Accompanied by the classic official video with the producer and his guest in the recording studio, plus the addition of some special effects, such as animated shots to replicate the sound winks of a Mexican-style harangue, the enigma about this new sound piece was solved.

The Argentine had just broken all records with his collaborations with the Colombian artist Shakira and the Spanish rapper Quevedo, milestones that earned him being named by Time magazine as one of the 10 leaders of the next generation and translate that global success into Buenos Aires stadiums. .

It is that last month culminated in the Palermo Hippodrome, in addition, three sold out dates in which brought together more than 60 thousand people in a musical experience with high visual impact. “Thank you for joining me tonight. This is my first own show, the most important of my life. It is a dream that we made thanks to a great team, I want to thank each one and thanks to you, it is a pleasure for me. The reception they give me throughout the country is incredible, I am aware of that, hold on Argentina, “Biza cried in one of those evenings of the” BZRP Live Tour “in Buenos Aires.

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