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2023-04-16 18:32:38

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Tamara Falcó has made headlines this week for using Photoshop during her ‘early moon’, that is, her honeymoon in Bali before her wedding to Íñigo Onieva. I don’t know if her magazine has given her a crash course, but there is no doubt that the Marquise de Griñón masters the tool and knows how to ‘remove’ her stomach, thigh and arm with a stroke of the pen. Of course, at least she deals from her and her arm is planted on her fiancée to turn him into the Hulk and save him from going through the weight room. What a disappointment with Tamara. She thought that she was one of the few authentic celebrities that remained, that she always showed herself as she was, with that apparent naivety and innocent diction of a good girl like Serrano. Although deep down she understands her a little. When you have a perfectionist and beauty-obsessed mother who, at 72 years old, flirts more than you and is skinnier on top of it, the pressure must be terrible.

The truth is that it is very tempting to undergo an immediate digital ‘facelift’ to look cuter. In fact, I myself have fallen into the Photoshop trap. I have ever asked friends who know how to use the program to make me darker, my teeth whiter, a little taller… and by the way to make me less chicha. Of course, afterwards I felt like a fake with my Elsa Pataky face and Alessandra Ambrosio body and it seemed like a scam to upload the photo to Instagram. Come on, as if I had placed my head in one of those cardboard silhouettes that are in fairs and amusement parks. You take the shot of self-esteem when you see yourself so divine, but it is still a deceptive and unreal fantasy. And I don’t know what is worse, fooling yourself or others. “We live in the age of Instagram, where through images uniform, rigid and perfectionist aesthetic ideals are created that generate expectations of a non-existent beauty”, explains the psychologist Nerea Bergara.

Tamara has more than one and a half million followers on Instagram, that is, she exerts a great influence on others. And, therefore, it would be good if she contributed to not generating insecurity in her followers with doctored photos. «We live in a desiring society that wants everything and wants it now. To be in good physical shape, for example, instead of eating a healthy diet and exercising, something imposed and immediate is normalized, such as filters, “says Bergara. The big lie of digital enhancements can cause enormous pressure among teens unable to feel comfortable with their skin or their appearance because their standards are unrealistic. But luckily more and more famous are planted against the digital ‘sheet metal and paint’. The last to explode has been the Colombian singer Karol G, who a few days ago unsuccessfully asked GQ magazine not to edit her photos so much. “My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that, and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally,” she said.

One of the first to rebel against retouching in our country was Inma Cuesta, who in 2015 denounced that the figure had been ‘photoshopped’ on a Sunday newspaper cover. «Here I am completely, without cheating or cardboard, Inma whole». The photo of her before and after her had a great impact and many colleagues praised “the courage” of the actress. As Lady Gaga said when she starred, digitally edited, in the US edition of Glamour, “we have to fight those forces that make people feel unpretty.” It is difficult for her to escape from the wheel that requires us to always be perfect. But hopefully we learn to accept ourselves as we are, embrace our imperfections and build an honest love for ourselves. Because there is no better version than the authentic one.

It’s been a long time since I shared things that I’ve discovered or that have made me happy. Here he left some recommendations:

The blackboard: I took advantage of the Easter holidays to visit La Pizarra, at number 16 Juan de Ajuriaguerra street, a restaurant that my buddy Carmen recommended to me. Its imaginative dishes that combine tradition and avant-garde stand out. I loved the niguiris filled with grilled piquillo pepper cream and smoked pork chop. And the next day I want to try the garlic prawn lollipops with seafood caramel that the diners at the next table recommended to us.

Yanire’s fun world: The cheerful and vivid colors are the hallmark of Memes, the accessories firm that Yanire Granero from Biscay created seven years ago, when she was facing breast cancer. Today she designs and makes fun turbans, scarves, bandanas, scrunchies, headbands… that spread her optimism and her desire to live. I love her swimsuits, iPhone cases and her XL bandanas.

Looks de invitada ‘made in Bilbao’: The Bilbao sisters Cristina and Berta Triana, founders of the firm Triana by C, with a store at number 39 Calle Rodríguez Arias, have just launched their new guest collection. What a pity not to have any bodorrio in sight because they bet on luxurious fabrics, local production and special designs.

Handmade jewelry made with care: The sisters Alicia and Cristina Pérez Agüera, founders of the artisan jewelry firm, have also outdone themselves with their new collection M de Paulet. After “months of work, tests, designs and many turns”, they have launched their most ambitious and sophisticated proposal. Their earrings and chokers are beautiful to wear with jeans or wear at upcoming events.

What do you think of Photoshop and filters? I read you on the Instagram of Bizkaia Dmoda (@bizkaiadmoda) or in my personal one (@virm89).

Until next Sunday. Be happy.

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