BKN actress spoke about the memes that “blamed her” for filtering party audios in Cachagua

Among the series of jokes and memes that arose as a result of the controversial clandestine party that took place in Cachagua by a large group of young people, images of Claudia, character from the television series BKN.

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In the midst of the comments on networks, related to the leakage of audios of those who attended the celebration, many cited scenes from the remembered production in which the actress betrayed her friends.

These publications surprised the actress herself who played the character, Vanessa Aguilera, who these days is traveling through France with his partner.

My mother told me something about the party, but the truth is I am glad that they remembered me, I find it great ”, he commented to The fourth. “It strikes me how people still think very fondly of my character. They still call me ‘Little Claudia’, hahaha ”.

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The actress and singer also added to the morning that this fact gives her “motion and pride. I spent many years of my life recording BKN, I learned too much and grew. It was one of the longest projects of my life ”.

The “Claudita” also assured that she hopes to return to national lands soon to show her new facet as an artist. “I just hope to return to Chile soon to present my music and reconnect with the people ”, he declared.


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