Black Clover Mobile: The Successful RPG Game in Korea and Japan

2023-06-02 12:21:20

‘Black Clover Mobile’ was successful in Korea and Japan from the beginning of its release.

Big Game Studio’s ‘Black Clover Mobile’ is a mobile RPG developed based on the famous Japanese animation ‘Black Clover’, and was released in Korea and Japan on May 25th. The development company, Big Game Studio, had a lot of expectations even before its release, as the development team that participated in the development of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ was lined up.

Immediately after its release in Korea, ‘Black Clover Mobile’ drew attention by ranking 4th in App Store sales, and recently ranked 12th in Google Play sales. Considering the fact that the top tier of sales in Korea’s two major mobile markets are currently occupied by major MMORPGs, this is a pretty good achievement. In Japan, it ranked 11th to 17th in App Store sales and 30th in Google Play sales. This is a pretty good achievement among mobile games released by Korean companies in Japan.

This is a good start for Big Game Studio, which has released its first game since the company was founded. So far, no special server problems have occurred, and no major accidents have occurred during operation. Reviews of the game are generally positive.

As a result, ‘Black Clover Mobile’ is continuing its early atmosphere by foretelling content updates quickly. A new story chapter will be added on the 8th, and a teaser video foretelling it was released. In the teaser video, there is a scene where the main character ‘Asta’ encounters a new villain. And in June, various contents are expected to be added.

The key is whether it succeeds until a long-term box office hit. In recent years, the Korean mobile game market has been intensifying competition as various new titles are regularly released. Not only MMORPGs, but also character collection RPGs have become more competitive. Therefore, it is important to add content through large-scale updates at the right time to attract users.

Attention is focusing on how far ‘Black Clover Mobile’, which has made its first steps well in Korea and Japan, can go up in the future.

Reporter Kim Chang-hoon

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